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Global Forwarding

We’ll keep your freight moving efficiently between countries and continents, fully compliant.

International scope, local expertise

XPO ships goods of all sizes and weights anywhere in the world. Our experienced team guides freight across customs points, providing local oversight through a network of dedicated offices on four continents. For domestic US shipments, we draw on our full range of North American transportation modes, with centralized control.


Our forwarding services are integrated with our XPO Connect™ digital freight platform, giving you best-in-class transportation management of order entry, execution and tracking on an international scale. You’ll have superior visibility through a single portal, with access to order details, tracking and shipping documentation, as well as automated customs filings with government agencies. 


OTI and NVOCC – Licensed ocean transportation intermediary and non-vessel operating common carrier


Export and import – Domestic-to-foreign and foreign-to-foreign shipments


Worldwide expertise – A strong local presence in countries across the globe, with centralized control 


Customs clearance – Licensed customs brokers in place to facilitate all filings, bonds, duties and taxes


Cross-border North America – Freight forwarding throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada


Domestic North America – Options based on your criteria for speed, economy and special handling

Crane lifting XPO container

Export and Import

Ocean Services
Air Services
Support Services


Full container load


Less-than-container consolidation


Lift-on and lift-off loads that don’t fit into a container


Roll-on and roll-off vehicles and wheeled machinery

Vessel charter

Large volumes, oversized cargo or bulk loads


Primarily commodities, such as chemicals, raw materials or liquids

Air charter

Dedicated aircraft

On-board courier



Next available flight


Weekly scheduled flights to major destinations


Letters of credit, sight drafts and certificates of origin

Customs clearance

Customs filings, ISF filings, bonds, duties and taxes

Cargo Insurance

Asset value protection

Project services

Oversized or out-of-gauge cargo


Originates and terminates outside of North America

XPO global forwarding

Highlights by Country



Accreditations and certifications: Belgian Freight Forwarders Association; FIATA; air freight and sea freight licenses. Special expertise: Air and sea transport services; gateway to Europe; connected with hinterland by barge, rail and truck.



Accreditations and certifications: Registered with Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS). Special expertise: Aerospace and oil and gas verticals; full-country coverage from office in São Paulo.



Accreditations and certifications: Registered with Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS). Special expertise: Project cargo activity; aerospace and perishables verticals; full- country coverage from office in Santiago.

China and Hong Kong

China and Hong Kong

Accreditations and certifications: CATA; NVOCC; SAP compliance. Special expertise: Ocean export to the United States and Europe; nine offices with air import warehouses at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG); operating in the region for over 25 years.



Accreditations and certifications: AEO; ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; Global Compact; regulated agent. Special expertise: AOG desk in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG); experienced in chemical, aerospace, retail and luxury goods verticals, and military.



Accreditations and certifications: IATA; NVOCC; licensed to issue own bills of lading. Special expertise: Project cargo activity; oversized cargo; tailor-made transport for dry, frozen and perishable cargo; intermodal transport by truck, rail or barge; transloading; warehousing; container trading.



Accreditations and certifications: AEO; ISO 9001; ISO 18001; ISO 22000; AOG desk; registered with Irish Revenue Tax and Customs. Special expertise: Time-critical freight forwarding; air freight customs bond facility off-airside.



Accreditations and certifications: FENEX/FIATA; AEO; NVOCC customs licensed for export, import and transit. Special expertise: Sea and air express services; gateway to Europe; connected with hinterland by barge, rail and truck.



Special expertise: National, CIS and international multimodal freight forwarding; transport project management; project cargo activity; luxury goods vertical; operating in Moscow since 1994.



Accreditations and certifications: AEO; IATA; FIATA; NVOCC. Special expertise: Time- critical transport with pick-up within 60 minutes; 24-hour accessibility; cargo insurance.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Accreditations and certifications: HMRC-registered broker; AEO; BIFA; IATA; FIATA; NVOCC. Special expertise: Time-critical transport with pick-up within 60 minutes; 24- hour accessibility; cargo insurance.

United States

United States

Accreditations and certifications: SmartWay, C-TPAT, NVOCC, IATA, CNS. Special expertise: Integrated with XPO’s complete range of transport modes and logistics services for seamless multimodal solutions in the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Rely on our more than 30 years of experience moving goods across the Mexican border by rail, ground and air.


Intermodal shippers have the benefit of our extensive rail relationships and container capacity. XPO cross-border specialists are stationed at key ports and inland terminals, where dedicated drayage transport is available at either end of the rail service. Freight movements are coordinated by our US freight forwarding team and our Mexican office in Querétaro.


For urgent shipments, we offer expedited road transport day and night, as well as air charter options: dedicated aircraft direct and next available flight. Non-urgent modes include brokered dry van using our large carrier network in the United States, Mexico and Canada, and consolidated air transport on weekly flights.

Customs agents inspecting a container in mexican border
Cross border truck on the road

Domestic Services

Time-Critical and Time-Sensitive
Special Services

Air charter

Dedicated aircraft


Next flight out

Ground expedite

Exclusive-use vehicle


Next-day, two business days or three business days: morning or afternoon arrival


Delivery within five business days

Full truckload

Large weight or volume, enough to fill a trailer

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Less-than-truckload arrangements for smaller loads


Rail for long-haul movements, supported by extensive drayage capacity

Onsite asset retrieval

Management of technology asset disposal or remarketing

Exhibition forwarding

Management of trade show equipment transportation

Special handling

Medical equipment, life sciences, government and military freight


Minority business teaming program